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Paul & Jacob slash from the Twilight Saga

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Paul and Jacob slash
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Jacob Black and Paul slash from the Twilight Saga.

Welcome to the community dedicated to Jacob Black & Paul Slash from the Twilight Saga.

Some may think I'm crazy for creating this but I felt the slash vibe after watching this. So I searched about shapeshifters and discovered the term "Imprinted".
I read the article and fell in love with the possibilities. I hope some may think the same as me and I'm dying for New Moon now more than ever. I'm going to watch this with my slash spirit vibrating with hope! :D
IMPRINTING is behavioral phenomenon among shapeshifters where a shapeshifter finds his or her soul mate.

Imprinting occurs when a shapeshifter finds their soul mate. The moment the shapeshifter sees the one they are destined to be with, they imprint.
It is described as having every connection with everything else severed and instead being only connected to this earth for the other person. After that, nobody else matters because you are only there for your other half, your soul mate.

If an imprinted person is killed by someone, the wolf who imprinted on them can never forgive the killer. If the killer happens to be another wolf from the pack, the wolves would have no choice but to fight to the death. For this reason, the most important law among the La Push shape-shifter pack is that no wolf may kill the object of a fellow wolf's imprinting.

It is unknown what would happen if a wolf was rejected by their imprinted one, though this is declared as almost impossible as the imprinter is the "perfect
match" to the imprintee- they will be anything the imprintee ever wanted
or needed, making rejection extremely unlikely. For more info about Imprinting
go here.


You are more than welcome to join or watch. In fact I ask you do it!

-The rules are simple: post only slash material about Jacob and Paul. It can be fics, arts, icons, videos, etc. If it has them it is allowed to post.
-For fics the basical form is required: put tittle, author, pairing, summary, etc. That basic stuff.
-You can pimp Twilight related communities but I would appreciate a heads up first.
-When posting your fics please use this form:
A/N: (optional)

Introduce yourself so we can get to know each other better.

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